Stripe Wrap Top with Basket Bag

So this is a bit of a photo dump, but I really did edit it down. There was over 80 when we first finished editing them! Even when it comes to writing, I can’t kill my darlings. Self indulgence is something I can’t seem to part with.

But this week is bound to be a little busy. My best friend and my boyfriend both have birthdays, and I love any occasion that calls for celebration. Though both are the most difficult people in the world to get gifts for. They love giving but it’s like pulling teeth to get them to tell you what they want.

Jacob and I have just started learning french! We only have the Duolingo app on our phones, and are watching french films. I’m determined to at least have the most rudimentary understanding.

When I was in Paris, it was a struggle because I couldn’t even read signs. I felt so disoriented and it took me a few hours to adjust. I used to roll my eyes when people said Paris was their favorite city, it just seemed so cliche. Then I went there and fell in love. The city itself is art and it’s impossible not to be completely in awe over it.

It made me want to learn the language that way when I go back I can fully enjoy the city. And ask for directions.

This look was inspired by my enthusiasm for learning the language. Striped top, mules, and a darling woven basket purse. I listed all of the outfit details below!

I’m off to try and find a gift!

Bonne journée,


Clothing Details:

Top: I got it from the Who What Wear Collection in Target but I can’t find it anywhere online. But I just got it so it should still be in stores? Similar here here and here

Jeans: Pixie Market here

Bag: Pottery Barn. It’s a day basket but I bought it as a purse. Here

Shoes: Forever21 here

White Flutter Sleeves with Cactus Embroidered Shoes

These mules are to die for and surprisingly comfortable! I love finding a product that is fun but approachable. Pair them with a basic pair of jeans like these and a simple flutter sleeve top (it’s on sale now, btw!) and it’s casual enough to grab lunch. My exact bag is a Dooney & Bourke that is no longer available. Similar here.

I’ve been so reluctant to start, and especially to share, this blog. I get caught up in the fear of people judging me, which has been the main cause of every missed opportunity in my life. But it’s been almost two years that I’ve bounced around the idea of blogging, and I couldn’t come up with anymore excuses that I couldn’t just as easily shoot down. And I can’t let myself be a chicken forever. I had to ask myself, “why should I care what some stranger on Facebook thinks of me?”

I would hate to wake up in 30 years and regret all the chances I didn’t take.

So here we are, my first blog post! I’ve always loved fashion and the sense of identity I get from it. I love that I am the person that friends come up to and tell me that they saw a dress that made them think of me and that no one else would ever be able to pull off.

“Quirky” is usually a word attributed to my wardrobe and I have always embraced it. Because I was always so so shy growing up, clothes were one of the few ways I was able to make a statement. I was the girl who thought wearing a fur vest and bright orange lipstick was a good idea. I might not have always been right, but I definitely took some chances haha. Which is what makes fashion so exciting. Sometimes you plan a look in your head and the execution is everything you wanted, sometimes it right back to the drawing board. Honestly, I spend more time planning and adjusting my outfits than I do actually wearing them! But if you don’t love the process there’s no point.

I’m just excited to have a platform to delve more into this passion and really explore it with all of you.

I’m happy this was the shoot we started with. The shooting of the pictures was less intimidating than I thought it would be. Jacob and I were walking around Fairhaven, surrounded by local shops set in stone buildings and wooden store fronts. The weather was perfect; warmer than the usual Washington day, bright, and with the ideal cloud covering for Jacob to photograph.

We found a parking spot right in front of where we wanted to be, which seems like an odd thing to mention, but I truly believed it was a sign at that moment, you know? Then came time to take the pictures, which is the part I was most worried about, once again worried of what other people might think of me.

In my fantasy world the streets would be clear and all windows tinted so darkly that I wouldn’t be able to see anyone inside. But because it is Fairhaven on a nice day the streets were teeming with people, bustling from one store to the next, people sitting outside to eat on the one nice day this week.

But Jacob pointed to a very public section of the sidewalk and said, “There, it’s perfect.” So I did it. It really was that simple. I felt uncomfortable for the first few frames and then just let the excitement for this blog be my focus.

I won’t lie that when an older man stopped just to stare I was uncomfortable. Being made to feel like a spectacle was hard and Jacob had to remind me that if this blog was something I actually wanted to do, we were just going to have to push through the awkwardness.

After a few more locations we walked around trying to scout a new alleyway or brick wall we might have missed, and realized we had done it. We actually got the pictures we wanted and I was happy with them. Nothing short of a miracle.

Jacob, who I am forever thankful for, edited them right when we got home and they are exactly how I imagined. They are perfect but I know we’ll only improve over time.

This post is more ramble-y than I wanted, but when I get excited my brain works faster than my fingers can type haha. I just wanted to be able to share this with everyone as soon as I could.  I’m just so proud of it!

I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it! See you next Monday!