Wide Leg Jeans and Striped Top

That moment when you leave your phone in your pocket for detail shots


Happy Monday morning, everyone!

Talk about an excessive amount of pictures. I am honestly just so pleased with how they all turned out. Being as I’m usually hyper critical, I decided to seize the moment and post all the ones I felt deserved their moment in the spotlight.

It really comes down to the fact that I felt so confident in this outfit. The pride in putting together something I am proud of and felt good in.

We always are our own worst critics and it’s easy to get wrapped up in insecurities that limit us. Putting yourself out there on the internet is terrifying. All too often I find myself thinking about if  only I looked like Such and Such Blogger. If only my arms were more toned, if my eyes were bigger, my lips fuller… It’s such a constant stream of negativity that you only notice when you’re suddenly not thinking about it.

I feel like I’ve just sort of accepted it as a part of living, wistfully scrolling through my Instagram feed with the vain hope that I could be more like the people I idolize.

A toxic mindset like that won’t help me achieve any of my goals, though. Authenticity is the name of the game. The difference between being inspired by someone else’s work, and trying to emulate it.

It’s all such a delicate rope to balance on, but slowly I’ve been getting my footing.  Time and trial and error, and all that jazz. It really all does make a difference.

I really hope it’s showing as I post more and get more comfortable with it all.

I ordered these jeans online and anyone who has ever ordered jeans without trying them on knows the fear that comes with it. But, by some miracle, they fit perfectly. Cinderella’s glass slipper perfectly.

Denim is a fabric that flatters everyone, but that doesn’t mean every jean will be flattering. Three traits of an ultra flattering pant came together with these. Structured, high waist, wide leg jeans are almost too good to be true. So when I got these on I was over the moon with how great I instantly felt. There’s nothing like a great pair of wide leg jeans to make you feel like you can unashamedly take pictures in front of a bunch of tourists.

The pocket details and the belt not only elevate the denim, but really give the illusion of a smaller waist and thighs while the back pockets prevent your butt from looking flat or too low. The frayed details of the hems really keep it modern.

I got my shirt when I went to Nordstrom just to do some window shopping (ha!) and I had to get it. The second I saw it I knew it would pair perfectly with my jeans. And we all know I love a good feminine detail and the bow really satisfied that.

What I love most about the shirt is the waffle knit fabric, it’s sturdy without feeling too heavy for the summer. I am not always a fan of very gauzy like materials. I don’t like how they feel on the skin, and during summer it’s hard to find clothes that stray away from them. This is my ideal summer top.

For shoes I found (what I thought) was a great deal on a pair of wedges from H&M. I was unaware until after we were done with the shoot that they were two different shoes! They were held together with the security wire so I didn’t pay attention. I just assumed they wouldn’t pair different shoes together (but mistakes happen and I get that). The colors are only slightly different and in the florescent lighting it really is hard to tell. What is obvious is the two different straps. But I have a terrible habit of not trying shoes on, so I was completely oblivious haha.

Luckily, it is only really obvious in the last picture. It is a shame because they are ridiculously comfortable and I really wish they could have worked out. c’est la vie 🙂

Well, I am up way past my bedtime and in an effort to prevent any more ramblings I’m going to wrap this up!

Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you’re all able to enjoy the sunshine this week.



Top: Madewell available here

Jeans: Kimhēkim available here in limited sizing. Similar here and here

Shoes: H&M (one of them) available here. Similar here and here