Stripe Wrap Top with Basket Bag

So this is a bit of a photo dump, but I really did edit it down. There was over 80 when we first finished editing them! Even when it comes to writing, I can’t kill my darlings. Self indulgence is something I can’t seem to part with.

But this week is bound to be a little busy. My best friend and my boyfriend both have birthdays, and I love any occasion that calls for celebration. Though both are the most difficult people in the world to get gifts for. They love giving but it’s like pulling teeth to get them to tell you what they want.

Jacob and I have just started learning french! We only have the Duolingo app on our phones, and are watching french films. I’m determined to at least have the most rudimentary understanding.

When I was in Paris, it was a struggle because I couldn’t even read signs. I felt so disoriented and it took me a few hours to adjust. I used to roll my eyes when people said Paris was their favorite city, it just seemed so cliche. Then I went there and fell in love. The city itself is art and it’s impossible not to be completely in awe over it.

It made me want to learn the language that way when I go back I can fully enjoy the city. And ask for directions.

This look was inspired by my enthusiasm for learning the language. Striped top, mules, and a darling woven basket purse. I listed all of the outfit details below!

I’m off to try and find a gift!

Bonne journée,


Clothing Details:

Top: I got it from the Who What Wear Collection in Target but I can’t find it anywhere online. But I just got it so it should still be in stores? Similar here here and here

Jeans: Pixie Market here

Bag: Pottery Barn. It’s a day basket but I bought it as a purse. Here

Shoes: Forever21 here

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