Wide Leg Denim and 20 Facts

Morning, Everyone!

It’s another week that I just couldn’t keep up with. But I figured I’d do a fun little post. So here’s 20 random facts about me!

  1. I can’t name a favorite book I just have too many, but right now I’m rereading The Bell Jar for the millionth time.
  2. Currently my favorite color is red.
  3. I can listen to one song on repeat until I can’t stand it anymore. Currently that song is Faded Heart by Borns.
  4. I went to Europe with my best friend and we became OBSESSED with sparkling water. I’m constantly drinking it.
  5. Pad Thai is my favorite “indulgence”.
  6. My favorite healthy food is an acai bowl.
  7. I only got my ears pierced yesterday. So these pictures and everything before them my ears aren’t pierced.
  8. My favorite movies are Harold and Maude, Blue Velvet, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  9. I love RHONY.
  10. Very controversially, I love pineapple on my pizza.
  11. I have one tattoo, it’s on my thigh.
  12. I have a weird habit of saying “hello” to literally every dog I see.
  13. I have a serious love of baths and bath bombs.
  14. I just started free climbing at our local climbing gym and it’s my new favorite thing.
  15. I saw Atomic Blonde and it is making me work out a lot harder hahahah
  16. I looooath spinach unless scrambled with eggs or well concealed in a smoothie.
  17. I weirdly love Costco a lot.
  18. I am the worst at texting back. I will read it and proceed to get distracted and respond two days later.
  19. I have a pug named Fitzgerald.
  20. I wish I was really good at dancing

See you guys next week!



Outfit Details

Bodysuit: Mine was from Free People. Similar here and here

Pants: Mine are Vivetta, but sold out 🙁 Similar here 

Shoes: Aldo Here

Bag: WhoWhatWear collection here

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