Whimsical Midi Dress with Retro Sunglasses

This weekend Jacob and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary of dating. I honestly can’t believe I am lucky enough for him to love me.

We spent our actual anniversary walking all over downtown Seattle. It was worth every blister and bead of sweat getting to have such a genuinely amazing time. All we did was window shop, picking out all of the things we want for our future home and look at clothes we definitely couldn’t afford. We spent so long in West Elm that we felt guilty and bought a paperweight just so we didn’t look like we were loitering.

We originally planned to spend another day but decided to have a more quiet weekend. We went on a hike, ate food, did face masks, and watched horror movies. We wanted to go kayaking but the weather just didn’t warm up enough and I still had blisters on my hands from the free-climbing gym that just haven’t healed up yet.

But all in all it was a perfect weekend.

This week we wanted to utilize Jacob’s talents and do a more editorial-esque shoot. We were inspired by this Vivetta dress and how whimsical it felt. It has an Alice in Wonderland feel that was just so fun to play up.

Occasionally having a shoot that is more story-centric can prevent things from feeling monotonous for the both of us. Brainstorming, running around for the props, and then placing the set made us feel motivated to produce quality content. Stretch those creative muscles that sometimes lay dormant when we start just going through the motions.

The hardest part of this shoot was looking for the picnic blanket. It took us several hours to track down what we thought would work for what we had envisioned. But it payed off because the photos really turned out like a dream.

We now also have a very large quantity of apples that we don’t even know what to do with. Anyone have any recipes for Red Delicious apples??

I wore the daintiest, most romantic dress from Vivetta and paired it with my heeled sandals that I’ve worn constantly since I purchased them. My sunglasses are from ZeroUV and are only $10! I bought three pairs from their site and they shipped so fast and they’re ridiculously affordable. And there’s free shipping for purchases over $20 so it would really be a crime not to get that third pair.

I hope your Monday is painless and productive! Crush it, girl.



Shop the Look:

Dress: Vivetta but the original is sold out. 🙁 but here is the print in a crop top. Other cute midi/printed dresses here  here  here  here  here and finally here. (I know it’s a huge list but I wanted a variety in the pricing).

Shoes: Target 

Sunglasses: ZeroUV



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