Polka Dot Midi Dress with Straw Hat

Another week in the bag! What started out as a rough week has become a very enlightening and productive week. Nothing has quite panned out the way I planned for it, but everything has seemed to fall into place.

This was not the original post we shot, the first one just seemed so… Blah. It felt rushed and uninspired. We were taking an outfit picture for my Instagram today and realized we were far more enthralled and excited about this outfit, so we scrapped the original, found a random field and started snapping.

It was really a lesson in following your gut. I’m a huge believer in planning and staying organized, there’s no way we’d be able to be as consistent as we are this early on if we weren’t. But when a post feels wrong and the opportunity to rectify it falls into my lap, well, plans be damned.

I would rather not post then put out content I’m not proud of. Quality over quantity is really what I’ve been aiming for. Thankfully, this one really worked itself out.

The feedback I get the most is that not everything I post about is kind to the wallet. And though I will still be showing products I think are worth investing in (and will almost always be on sale), I really wanted to focus on making sure all of the pieces I wore this week were budget friendly. The entirety of this look can be bought for about $100!

This outfit feels like the quintessential summer look.

Besides my shoes, which were thrifted a few years ago, the other two pieces are from Who What Wear’s Target collection. Most places have a Target, so it’s easily accessible and you don’t have to wait for anything to ship. Which is like Christmas morning to me, but I also understand the need of instant gratification haha.

This beautiful, chiffon polka dot midi dress is just a dream. It comes in another pattern that you can bet I’ll be going back for.

I was just walking around today with Jacob and didn’t intend for this outfit to be on the blog so I kept it really simple with just the straw hat that has such a cute little fringe.

I’ve really loved that straw hats are coming back, and really any woven accessories. I feel like a woven bag is next on my list of things to buy. I’ve been eyeing a few on Etsy, I just need to decide which one I need.

It’s super late as  I had to stay up to completely redo my post, so I’m going to sign off and head to bed. Feel free to share and comment!



Shop the look!

The dress: Who What Wear

The straw hat: Who What Wear

The shoes: originals were thrifted but similar here, here, and here

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