Gray Ruffled Sweater and Black Mules

Sweater: Topshop available here (on sale,too 😉 sizes 4-12 available)

Jeans: American Eagle similar here and here

Mules: Nanette by Nanette Lepore available here in limited sizing. Similar here and here

Purse: Liz Claiborne my exact bag is sold out but similar available here and here

Happy happy Monday, ya’ll!

It’s been a week lacking in motivation. Maybe it is because the initial high of starting something new has worn off; the shiny new object has a bit of tarnish to it. But, inspiration is a fickle thing to rely on. Sometimes the things we love the most are not always fun, which is a lesson that is always sour to remember.

The thing is, when you lose motivation it doesn’t mean you should be losing discipline. Though, admittedly, they do seem to go hand in hand. Discipline is pushing through the unpleasant parts until you remember why you started in the first place, eventually you’ll find your way back to that giddy inspiration filled feeling!

I really believe that being self disciplined through the plateaus is the catalyst for really amazing work 🙂

Searching through Pinterest I found a short quote that really resonated with me, “discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments”. If anyone knows who to credit it to, let me know!

I will say that from my week of procrastination I really rekindled my love of reading. In high school I read about 3 books a week! Now I average… Well I’m too ashamed it admit it. I love the little escapism of a really great book, so I’m so happy I actually am picking away at the ever-growing pile haha

Does anyone have a book recommendation? I will never be able to resist adding to the list.

It’s the end of June and it’s really and truly starting to feel like summer. The day we took these pictures I knew it’d be the last time I’d be able to wear a sweater comfortably all day until fall rolls around. Always bitter sweet as I do love a good sweater.

Does anyone else suffer from the problem of going shopping for summer clothes but instead you end up buying the sweaters that are on sale? It’s so easy to justify, too, living in Washington. I can wear a sweater 9 months out of the year, it’s really an investment.

I was really feeling lazy this day especially so I paired it with a pair of comfy jeggings (because I figured if I was going to wear pants I might as well be comfortable) and my new Nanette Lepore slip on black mules that I’m just crazy about. No work but instantly elevating! The bow and pointed toe really sets them apart from other flats.

I’m a big supporter of all things that allow me to be fashionably slothful hahah

I finished it off with this cute little purse that I saw in JCPenny as I was making my way to Sephora. It was so affordable that I just didn’t have it in me to pass it up. I love how summery and bright it feels! It really made the gray sweater seem more seasonally appropriate.

Tell me in the comments what your favorite summer time accessory is!

I hope you all get to enjoy the summer sunshine this week 🙂



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